Steps to install NSRD of Mantra/Secugen for non-standard tablet devices

1. If you are unsuccessful install RD on non standard BAS tablets (with Mantra/Morpho/Secugen scanner), you can update BAS client V 3.4 (If already configured with BAS) / Install BAS IMEI Capture Tool V 1.1 (For new/fresh devices).

2. Device’s IMEI number will get updated in Server and will be shared with the vendor.

3. Vendor will register your device.

4. Wait (1 or 2 days) till your device is registered.

5. After registration, install RD service according your device make: i) Mantra Management Service Download (7.20 MB) and Mantra RD Service Download (4.4 MB) OR ii) Secugen NSRD Service with Management service Download (3.4 MB)

6. Install Mantra RD Service (For Android v4.2.x Jelly Bean) Download (4.4 MB)

7. Install AEBAS Android Client APK Version 4.0 Download (3.5 MB)

Note: To check your IMEI number after “AEBAS Android Client APK Version 3.4” installation, please go to Nodal Officer Login >> Manage Device >> Undertaking for old Device menu. After completion of device IMEI number update you can upload undertaking form with signature and stamp.